Your Promise arrive…..

In the race of rain,
I found bodies with pain

In the basement of my vein,
I found river with your name

In the tape of my brain,
I found series with your clay

In the middle of this chain,
I found Autumn with your break

In the storm of silent rain,
I found grave with your name

In the World of Paradise,
I found promise by your main...

Memories of life…..

Standing like a shadow
of no feelings and no tatoo,

Ticking back my meadow
of no soil and no tomatoo,

Life of a plant as some rice,

of some fertilizers and some fungi

Life of a animal as some knight,
of some Deadulus and some in king fights

Life of a man as some coin,

of some with legs and some with sight

Life of a storm as some fine,

of some in ventricles and some in mines

Men have two lifes
one with movement and one with light,

Physical have dreams and desires
Light have feelings and sighs..

Essay on Myself…..

The day arrived when I boost myself and with all my courage, I tried to see myself in light in front of mirror.

But I was shocked and striked when I find out that, I couldn’t see myself in light.

There was light everywhere, but I couldn’t see myself..

When light goes down and dark clouds arrived, I started seeing myself, because I am dark like pure black.

"I am nowhere in the city of light house.
I lie in the deepest depth, darkest depth of the ocean,
where light is an alienating thing".

Because Black has nothing to get and nothing to loss, the black has no worries, because the black always know,

I was,

I am,

I will be black.

There was no one, there is no one, and there will be no one, who support me, who go along with me, and the one who find me.

No one…..

Golden sparrow…..

Turning pages of history

Revealing stories of discovery,

My eyes glued over a page

the page of our drainage,

Flowed out emotions of standing

in the stream of understanding,

The place of Gods of morality,

rulled by gods of humanity,

The place of oneness in main,

from showering in rain, to travelling in train,

Seems like imaginations of vow

where are this now?

Seems like glued over tales

of no fairy, no mails.....

To Youth…..

Smile from miles with style

Come and hug me, with sky,

Wear me for I am lost somewhere

care me for I am track somewhere,

Mere from lips with mind

come and kiss me with kind,

Sing me for I am a lie

speak me for I am a mike,

Listen from sighs,with drums

come and beat me,with stumps,

Remember me, for I am with Angles

recognise me, for I am with tangles,

Grow from mellow with fruits

come and take me from merchant roots,

Smile is the best foundation over every grief

for I know, you are smiling over every swift...