Do you hear?



Lets do some party..

Lets call some happiness..

Lets open some drinks..

Lets call some peace..

Lets put steps over beats,

Lets put noodles over bites..

Lets put curtin over blue,

Lets put stars over black..


To where, and with whom…….

Happiness, over blanket of grief,

made by own wool of stiff…

Drinks, over the straw of steam,

evaporate by flow of stream…

Peace, over the blanket of graveyard,

moist by storm of stoneyard…

Steps, over the light of no future,

rack slippers by dreams of no tutor…

White, black, red, and blue,

mere a state of being true…..

Do you hear…..

I am alone…..




    1. Most of the people say that, it is the name of a Warrior, a man of truth, noble etc., according to Islamic mythology, they said that, Ya Ali Madad…
      But its not….
      I can only say that, it is the secret of this whole universe..
      And when I will know this, I will be no more.

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