Allah whisper in unborn ear…

I'd preserved you, for time..
But don't be sad,
I will with you, for everytime,
I know, you need me alot,
Now, I am landing you,
In secure place of this Universe,
Of no auguries, and no sentences...
For I know, your first step
lies in swift of air,

For I know, your first nap
lies in the lap of mother,

For I know, your first smile
lies in the elements of unknown,

For I know, your first cry
lies in the emotions of pain...
You'll know then
What you are...

The second step, no question mark
The step of shivering feet,

Enabling you from air to sky
Styling you from hair to tie,

"EN" will bye you from able,
I'll hye you from table...
They will simile you by doll
They will training you for lie,
They will base you for essential
They will bake you for temperature,

They will bye you from train,
I will hye you from rain...

You will play piano of innocence
I will delay vibes of experience,

You will dance clay of equality
I will make way of reality,

You will stay acting of Florence
I will stay collecting of West winds,

WEST will bye you from EAST,
I will hye you from Feast...


They will show you how to step,
pushing you toward the third step...
They will call you disabled
I will show, you're differently abled...
"DIS" will bye you from Able,
I will hye you from cable...


  1. Wait, It is now going to be one of my faviourite motivational poem and you had beautifully portrayed the messages from Allah to his creation. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Lots of love for you.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. The beauty of poetry is in both the words expressed & the resonance they produce. A poet often has one thing, one subject, one theme in mind as the words flow out without realizing how much more the poems might say to those who read them. Resonance.
    Lovely work! 🙂

    Liked by 5 people

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