The Day…..

On the day of a beautiful weather.

The wind come to me, and said;

Give me all your depression,
all your sorrows,
full of grief...
Give me all your fake smiles,
which hurt you,
which torn you apart...
Give me all your passions,
who broke you(not only one time),
who burn you...
Give me all your friends,
who skept you,
who framed you...

Then the Rain arrived, and said;

Give me all your drops,
that make your nose to flow...
Give me all your snow,
that icen your heart...

Then my pen said to me,

Give me all your ink,
that make your voice to be dead...

Then, I said to them;

Take all of these things to me,
Just take him back,
from that valley,
from where no one come back...



I said;

These are the episodes of my death,
Don't take them away,
I am with them
They are not from me...


  1. You had amazingly describe that day with full of emotions and also the day with beautiful weather.
    Really,I loved it.


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