Don’t make your life to be like an offical letter or resume.

Liberate yourself from all of these terms and patterns.

Liberate yourself from these cruel claws of society.

Just focus on yourself.


You are the only one in yourself.

Find yourself…..

Because you can find ‘You’ only in ‘Yourself’.

Don't make your life to be like black colored,
It will suck all your Flairs or capabilities.

Take Yourself along with you.


‘Live your only Life’


    1. I just want to wake up our youth mostly and also all of us who think that there is only grief in this world. And we find happiness in the smile of other, but in doing this, they slaughter their self and smile.

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  1. I haf read all your writing. You write poetry so well, woth emotions and unique contents. The thing that I am thinking, that why don’t you try writing prose.


  2. I read
    in the memories
    my story

    Life follows its plan
    not the terminology
    of autonomous pure thinking

    I am the prisoner in my womb
    I am in the entanglements of the world

    the power of the opposite world appears in me

    that you in me tell me
    You are in the whole
    You carry the inner world
    hardly any weight to the outside world

    my skills my virtues
    are inconspicuous and limited

    Life didn’t ask me if I want to live

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