In the factory of fools…..

Excited to see the factory of fools,
that make stools of cool..
On entering from gate,
I saw myself in cage..

Seeing long rows of raws,
that comes from flaws..

The machine of ideas and facts,
making beliefs from skept..

The ideas that are corrupted,
of no truth, of no objectives..
The raw is now in machine,
My heart is now beating with speed..

Seeing all from corner,
beliefs are formed from scanner..
The only feature that they hold (beliefs),
the strong power of hearing,not searching..
The only language that thay understand,
is of corrupted educations, not knowledge..
The only charge that they get,
is just lie, not truth..
The only protection that they have,
is just drops, not scratch..
Seeing all this, with own eyes,
I was ashamed to death..
The packaging that they hold,
is just satisfaction, not proof from mole..

I feel sofocated from all these scenes, and left …

This writing is not on religion, but on the braches that people made.


  1. Awesome dear. I am really shocked to see this content. From seeing this title, I thought that it should be like comedy,but that was a surprise for me when I see the poetry and like lines behind this title. Well machetes.

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  2. SMiLes Dear Yam How True it is
    NoW There is No Limit to What
    Human iMaGiNaTioN Will Do
    Creativities Binding And Bonding
    Language And Other Symbols That
    Come to Express Cultural Ideologies
    We Are Birthed into Spoon Fed Every Story
    Of Our Life Pre-told This Way For Us Even
    Before We Are Born By Others Still Now
    Oh How to Break Away From What Really
    Doesn’t Make Sense to Cooperate
    For There is Selfish Greed
    That Seeks to Only Hoard
    Feeding Itself
    Buy And Sell
    For All Of What is
    Free To Come to See
    Feel and Sense of All Our
    Natural Inheritance Inborn
    Still Evolving to Cooperate
    By Nature of More Loving Social Hand-in-
    Hand-Foraging Play For All the Abundance
    The Earth Will Still Offer As Long As We
    Do Not Consume our Only Home And
    Continue to Abuse it the
    Way Human Selfish
    Greed Now
    Will only Do In
    Competition of
    Buy and Sell Yes
    For There Are Loving
    Human Wings That Take
    Flight Without Leaving Earth
    Yes There is Peaceful Inhaling
    And Exhaling LoVE iN BaLaNCinG Force Free
    For the Give And Share That Drives Away From
    Take and Hoard
    For Those
    Who Seem to
    Never Get Enough
    And Be Satisfied With
    Just Peaceful Loving Life
    Together in Balancing All..:)

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    1. Oh what a beautiful opinion that I ever get. You answered in such a great way, using poetry. Thank you so much my friend. You explein the whole process. Thanks once again. Have a great day.

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