You know when Love is complete?

When one sided love with your lover crosses all limits,

You stop bargaining.

This is not a bigger bargain than asking 
for love in return for love..

When lovers love after getting out of the circle
of helplessness
and bargaining,

then love comes to
salute the lover

In the factory of fools…..

Excited to see the factory of fools,
that make stools of cool..
On entering from gate,
I saw myself in cage..

Seeing long rows of raws,
that comes from flaws..

The machine of ideas and facts,
making beliefs from skept..

The ideas that are corrupted,
of no truth, of no objectives..
The raw is now in machine,
My heart is now beating with speed..

Seeing all from corner,
beliefs are formed from scanner..
The only feature that they hold (beliefs),
the strong power of hearing,not searching..
The only language that thay understand,
is of corrupted educations, not knowledge..
The only charge that they get,
is just lie, not truth..
The only protection that they have,
is just drops, not scratch..
Seeing all this, with own eyes,
I was ashamed to death..
The packaging that they hold,
is just satisfaction, not proof from mole..

I feel sofocated from all these scenes, and left …

This writing is not on religion, but on the braches that people made.


Don’t make your life to be like an offical letter or resume.

Liberate yourself from all of these terms and patterns.

Liberate yourself from these cruel claws of society.

Just focus on yourself.


You are the only one in yourself.

Find yourself…..

Because you can find ‘You’ only in ‘Yourself’.

Don't make your life to be like black colored,
It will suck all your Flairs or capabilities.

Take Yourself along with you.


‘Live your only Life’

The Day…..

On the day of a beautiful weather.

The wind come to me, and said;

Give me all your depression,
all your sorrows,
full of grief...
Give me all your fake smiles,
which hurt you,
which torn you apart...
Give me all your passions,
who broke you(not only one time),
who burn you...
Give me all your friends,
who skept you,
who framed you...

Then the Rain arrived, and said;

Give me all your drops,
that make your nose to flow...
Give me all your snow,
that icen your heart...

Then my pen said to me,

Give me all your ink,
that make your voice to be dead...

Then, I said to them;

Take all of these things to me,
Just take him back,
from that valley,
from where no one come back...



I said;

These are the episodes of my death,
Don't take them away,
I am with them
They are not from me...

The Year of my Adulthood…..

The year of my adulthood (starts with the happiness, full of prayers, blessings for whole year, The 1st of january 2021.)

But the evening of that year had changed my whole year, infact my whole life.

The year called as pandemic…

The year of the death of my smile
Tbe year of the death of my voice

The year of the death of my unsolicited life
The year of the death of my girly life
The year of the death of my all hopes and fears
The year of the death of my heart roar
Tbe year of the death of those blessful hands
The year of the death of my prode
The year of the death of my tears

The year which become a life time death for me

The 1st of January…

But, That year gives me alot…

That year give me silence...
That year give me pen instead of my voice...

That year give me a great lesson that Life is temporary.

That year…..

That year…..


Arranging grips in order,
finding grips in common..
Plating grips in starter,
peeling grips of honour..
Putting grips in walker,
knitting grips of talker..
Listening grips in order,
fighting grips of stalkers..
Pretending grips in humanity,
injecting grips of duality..
Getting grips in curing,
clouding grips of mourning..
Feeling grips in loving,
snoring grips of liking..
Collecting grips in avatar,
snipping grips of grim reaper..
Grip of what it was,
Grip of what is overall.....