The last Goodbye…..

Today, I am leaving my website as YAM Writer of Emotions. I had learned, experienced and feel many numerous kinds of things, feelings and got alot of information through your informative posts.

Thank you everyone, who read my words, liked it and comment on my words. I am very grateful to all of you for your inspiring comments, for your love, appreciation. It was a very artistic journey with the whole wordpress app, and it’s users.

Thank you everyone for encouraging me and your insights. I really work on the advices that all of you gave me.Thank you again.

Wish all of you a best luck for your journey ahead. And also that all of you have millions or billions to achieve, whether it is likes, readers, comments or money.

Power of space…..

We know that violence happen between people, but so does healing. That’s where it starts. So we know the power lies in people, in relationships, in a community healing itself. One of my favourite qoute by Viktor Franklin in “Man’s Search for Meaning” is;

"Between stimulus and response, there is a space."
In that space, is our power to choose our response. And in our response lies and growth and our freedom.

Our goal is to literally infiltrate the space in between violent stimulus and response, with mental health knowledge and skills. So the communities can pave their own way to healing and resilience.

Vision of eyes…

Life needs time..

Time needs a step..

Step needs a movement..

Movement needs strength..

Strength needs will..

Will needs an idea..

Idea needs a thought..

Thoughts needs a vision to see..

And vision needs your eyes..

So lift your eyes up and see.

Art of Understanding…..

Art of understanding is one of the rarest art in the field of worldly self modalities, among every unique abilities. We really don’t understand other’s because we are also a human being, who needs other’s understanding. Not everyone can do this, and we shouldn’t blame this and we shouldn’t blame for this to other person, because it’s our craving and desire, that the other person should understand my feelings and my present circumstances. As human being, one is responsible for its body’s necessities and for necessities we depend on other things or sometimes beings, but for the fact that, understanding I basically a desire, a psychological and emotional desire, which depends one one’s taste, mood, way of seeing life, it’s perception and algorithm. In today’s, present society, where materialism is neccesity, and morality is a curse or maybe an option, only one among millions can deny its own taste, self, desires, dreams, subjectivity and ‘I’, and start understanding others by seeing them physically, that person can also saw their inner breakthroughs, inner damage and condition, which makes that person hurt, sympathy and pain in its eyes. Your family also didn’t understand you even, and it’s natural. Understanding don’t have or contain expectations, because expectations are primary step or member among relationships, whether its family, friendship, love affairs or other. So, for understanding, one should have to empty itself completely from subjectivity or my approach and leave the philosophy of ‘I’.

Game of Unconsciousness…

Where is my vision?

The unflagelated inosense of dreams
like a protagonist among trees
mere a shitle rack over creeds role
desire of being, wore like a black stones,
The game of mind, an invisible goal
without a sequence, where to Toll
The transcendent duplicity of sunflower
Now, it looks like an Unconscious shower..

Chaotic Colors…

Life maybe white, maybe black
but don't choose one to be complete.
Not every white is pure, some are like sky
which contains a darker part beyond it.
Not everyblack means dead,
some contains a lively soul beside their darker cloak..

Some wonders…

I thought that I could protect myself and make myself stronger. But I realised later this isn’t the case. In this world, alot of things are unsolvable. You don’t have the ability to protect yourself at all. When I was little, I just wanted to grow up faster and faster. That way, I can live carefree life and do as I please. I thought I was different from all the other girls that I did need hugs and protection. But then I realised, I worse than them. I’m too average. There is nothing special about me.

Being an artist….

As a child I wasn’t aware of a word Artist..

So I never bother to think..

But the start and continuation of steps in the wordly ladder ..

lead me toward being silent..

which born an artist..

that ended up in the art of understanding..