How a player use repetition…

An unknown person messaged today, which was some times ago a known person...

That's how he played with words:

" You forgot to smile..
I loved you..
You hurt me..
You came back to me..
You left me..
I waited for you..
You are mine..
You are mine..
You are mine.."

How should a person reply...

Fairy tales in adults..

I once said, that I didn’t believe in fairy tales. Fairy tales never tell us that the princesses in the castle might be living an unhappy life. It also doesn’t tell us that a courageous Knight doesn’t win against the evil dragon and is swallowed up by the abyss instead.

Those nostalgic stories in our youth would fade away with time and became a meaningless sigh late at night. Now, I suddenly realised that love might be the last fairy tale. God has left for adults. It makes you willing to believe that in this world, someone will come to you by overcoming all obstacles and seriously write fairy tale that belongs to you with the truest heart and the deepest sentiments. A poet once said, that people didn’t live a lifetime or a few years, months or days. Instead they lived in a few moments. I want to thank you for making many moments in my life, so dazzling.

Philosophy of ‘Is’…

I cann't hold,
faces that was mold..

I cann't hold,
untunned rhymes of my wounds..

I cann't hold,
the shame of being cold..

I cann't hold,
phases of being a joke..

I cann't hold,
tears for my own cone..

I cann't hold,
reckoned stake for stole..

I cann't find,
the philosophy of 'is'
in my own role..

I’m being that you can be you..

I’m being me, so that, you can be you because there’s nobody who is going to be you or who can be you and I do not want you to loose track on what you can be, by trying or pretending to be somebody else.

You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy. Even the bad days are good days. You know even when it’s tough , I feel like it’s hard. I feel like I can’t do it. And I pick myself up. And the next day it feels OK. And that what’s I’m enjoying the most.

I’ve always believed that, it you’re pursuing your passion, then the journey itself is beautiful. You can’t choose the word difficult, you can’t be negative about it, because it your passion , your dream. And if you see yourself beautiful and unique then you won’t use such negative words for your dream and passion.