Message from light to color of life..

Color is life, because a world without color is dead. "Fire produce light, light produce colors. The tone gives the color a language, colors gives the sound body, from the spirit.

All colors are friends to next colors, and lovers of opposite colors.

Colors cann't have too much craftsmanship, they should come from nature.I don't like dead names on the color card.

I prefer to call them 'Romentic Purple', or 'Playful Pink'.

Blessed by the Sun we live in colorful world everyday, and feel the color transformation of the four seasons.

Human can recognize 5 million
to 10 million colors, but only One thousand and two hundred of them have names.
Some of the colors are lonely, some sparkling, some sad, and some warm. Although the colors are not beautiful, the world with colors is gorgeous.

" Every flower when cut off from the brench, at that moment, the life has confirmed it, would stay in vase to bloom the last beauty, the death comes to them. However, some flowers do not agree to go with destiny, when the flower fades there would be new blooms. The life without regrets is not perfect. We come to the world, not for become a pure and perfect angle, we are here to experience hard life, including sad, happy, gather, nd departure. Though flower is beautiful the strong tiny life make, life brighter".

Flying back to my Street…..

Don’t tell anybody, I’m on my way.

Back to my life, my smile

from formal back to informal,

Previous to my mistakes

from cabbage stamp to flying slippers,

Flash of my breakfast

from words like 'bitch' to the words in starter 'idiot',

Memories of my bitter yougert

from naked feets to random fits,

Revising my chapters of unsolicited life

from fantasy of hearts to illusion of behavior,

These evocations and time are like sand

feels like in no time I'm on land..

The Year of my Adulthood…..

The year of my adulthood (starts with the happiness, full of prayers, blessings for whole year, The 1st of january 2021.)

But the evening of that year had changed my whole year, infact my whole life.

The year called as pandemic…

The year of the death of my smile
Tbe year of the death of my voice

The year of the death of my unsolicited life
The year of the death of my girly life
The year of the death of my all hopes and fears
The year of the death of my heart roar
Tbe year of the death of those blessful hands
The year of the death of my prode
The year of the death of my tears

The year which become a life time death for me

The 1st of January…

But, That year gives me alot…

That year give me silence...
That year give me pen instead of my voice...

That year give me a great lesson that Life is temporary.

That year…..

That year…..