Vision of eyes…

Life needs time..

Time needs a step..

Step needs a movement..

Movement needs strength..

Strength needs will..

Will needs an idea..

Idea needs a thought..

Thoughts needs a vision to see..

And vision needs your eyes..

So lift your eyes up and see.

Art of Understanding…..

Art of understanding is one of the rarest art in the field of worldly self modalities, among every unique abilities. We really don’t understand other’s because we are also a human being, who needs other’s understanding. Not everyone can do this, and we shouldn’t blame this and we shouldn’t blame for this to other person, because it’s our craving and desire, that the other person should understand my feelings and my present circumstances. As human being, one is responsible for its body’s necessities and for necessities we depend on other things or sometimes beings, but for the fact that, understanding I basically a desire, a psychological and emotional desire, which depends one one’s taste, mood, way of seeing life, it’s perception and algorithm. In today’s, present society, where materialism is neccesity, and morality is a curse or maybe an option, only one among millions can deny its own taste, self, desires, dreams, subjectivity and ‘I’, and start understanding others by seeing them physically, that person can also saw their inner breakthroughs, inner damage and condition, which makes that person hurt, sympathy and pain in its eyes. Your family also didn’t understand you even, and it’s natural. Understanding don’t have or contain expectations, because expectations are primary step or member among relationships, whether its family, friendship, love affairs or other. So, for understanding, one should have to empty itself completely from subjectivity or my approach and leave the philosophy of ‘I’.