To Youth…..

Smile from miles with style

Come and hug me, with sky,

Wear me for I am lost somewhere

care me for I am track somewhere,

Mere from lips with mind

come and kiss me with kind,

Sing me for I am a lie

speak me for I am a mike,

Listen from sighs,with drums

come and beat me,with stumps,

Remember me, for I am with Angles

recognise me, for I am with tangles,

Grow from mellow with fruits

come and take me from merchant roots,

Smile is the best foundation over every grief

for I know, you are smiling over every swift...


Don’t make your life to be like an offical letter or resume.

Liberate yourself from all of these terms and patterns.

Liberate yourself from these cruel claws of society.

Just focus on yourself.


You are the only one in yourself.

Find yourself…..

Because you can find ‘You’ only in ‘Yourself’.

Don't make your life to be like black colored,
It will suck all your Flairs or capabilities.

Take Yourself along with you.


‘Live your only Life’